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New Image

How do you like the new image on my blog? A good friend generously took the time to create it for me, so now you know what I look like, as well as what the covers of a few of my books look like. Comments?

I probably have software somewhere on my computer that would have created this. But even assuming I found it and knew it was the one, I wouldn’t know how to do it. I can crop and edit photos I’ve taken, but I’ve never been able to figure out how to put more than one image in an image. I have enough trouble working with one at a time. 😉

Yet in general, I’m fairly comfortable with “computing.” Working with images just seems to be my weak area. Another weak area is HTML. I have a 3-CD set of HTML lessons from Video Professor that I’m working my way through. Once I’m done, I hope to be able to manage my website with a little more ease and a little less hair-pulling.

What about you? Do you have computer skills that are strong and others that could use a little polishing? Have you brushed up in a particular area…and if so, how?


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